Our most basic need is to understand and to be understood.

Founded by Denise Blanc, River Logic Partners is a communication coaching and consulting firm based on the premise that healthy organizations are built from good communication skills.  Like a river, we would like our communication to be free flowing AND we need to be prepared for potential dangers; boulders, rapids and big drops or bends.

The ability to successfully hold critical conversations, listen with curiosity, mediate conflict and manage one’s own reactivity, are key components for cultivating trust and creating healthy flow in both our personal and professional lives.

Whenever people are asked to work together, we can count on having conflict at some point; breakdowns occur and relationships may suffer. In order to navigate the rapids of change and conflict, we need to develop strong communication skills.

Coaching and training

Coaching and training your staff, leaders and board members to be effective listeners, communicators and mediators is your secret strategy for driving results and ensuring your people are engaged, committed and accountable.  Effective communication also happens to be a key ingredient needed to grow your high potentials into successful leaders and to help good leaders become great.

“A single conversation can change the trajectory of your relationship.
Become ready for that moment; one conversation at a time.”

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