12 Warning Signsthat point to serious communication challenges in your organization

  1. Meetings are either poorly attended, or people do not actively participate.
  2. Lack of teamwork and collaboration; people who need to be communicating are not.
  3. Work that too often fails to meet quality standards or deadlines.
  4. A pervasive culture of gossip and interpersonal conflicts.
  5. Employees blame each other or engage in silent treatment, instead of exploring root causes for communication breakdowns and broken promises.
  6. Staff share that it is not safe to speak openly or tell the truth.
  7. Managers share that they spend too much of their time addressing interpersonal conflicts.
  8. Employees engage in a culture of “workarounds”instead of directly dealing with difficult issues or people.
  9. Workplace bullying is tolerated.
  10. Important decisions are made without including or getting input from key stakeholders who will be affected.
  11. Leaders can be overly dominant and controlling.
  12. Leaders do not actively encourage differences of opinion.

Seven Capacities of a Radical Listener

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Listening As A Practice

Listening is now seen as among the most desirable traits needed in leadership today. In order to influence, increase collaboration or just build strong relationships, consider this, the way you listen is as important as the way you speak; maybe even more. Take Denise’s Assessment to determine your strengths and deficits related to your Listening Skills: Click here to download Assessment

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