A shocking statistic:

Did you know that in the U.S. we lose 5% of our gross national product due to conflict? Managers spend about 30% of their time managing conflict, employees spend approximately 2.8 hours per week addressing conflict, all amounting to a whopping $350 billion dollars per year. (CPP, Inc. “Workplace conflict and How Business can Harness it to Thrive,” 2008.) The same is true outside of the work world, only we quantify the loss in terms of strained relationships, unresolved grievances, and stress related health problems.

We spend too much of our valuable resources (time, money, health) gossiping, retaliating, planning defenses, etc. that instead could be turned into productive problem solving, collaboration and building healthy relationships.

The following River Logic Partners training, coaching and consulting services can help you do this. To arrange for a complimentary one-hour consultation, please contact Denise Blanc.

Excellent leaders are developed, not born and they possess the balance of strong technical expertise and emotional intelligence. Coaching is a process that can help talented leaders see and work through their blind spots to take their performance to the next level.

We support leaders to:

  • Create high trust collaborative teams
  • Manage reactivity
  • Address blind spots in their communication and leadership style
  • Prepare for critical conversations
  • Manage workplace conflict

Denise has a private coaching practice outside the workplace working with individuals, couples and groups around issues of communication and conflict. She offers practical approaches and skill building to help people learn to hold open, honest and civil conversations and start to build trusting relationships. She wants to start a listening revolution!

“If a person talks and no one listens, is that communication?”
William Ury

Training and Facilitation
The following are River Logic Partners most popular programs: All programs can be customized d for your organization and culture using case studies and action learning processes. Action learning involves small groups working on real organizational problems and reflecting on results to improve problem solving and imbed their new skills.

  • Building High Performance Teams
  • Enhance your EQ – Become a Radical Listener
  • The Art of Feedback
  • Leaning into Hard Conversations
  • Mediating Conflict

Leadership Academies
We begin with assessing your organization’s leadership competencies and then customize off the shelf modules to fit your needs. Designed for leadership groups, intact teams and high potential cohorts who will be change agents for your organization. Short term coaching is included within this program to ensure significant ROI and sustainable growth.

Consulting Services
Denise and River Logic Partners consult with individuals, leaders and teams on communication challenges impeding successful progress. We engage in interviews, focus groups and facilitated meetings to assess the scope of issue and then together tailor our approach, which may include coaching, leadership development or facilitation and training.



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