I have known Denise professionally for more than 11 years. She played an integral role in my own development as a leader and also the leaders within my teams over the years. I hired Denise in my recent role to create a custom leadership program that would fit the culture of my current organization.

Denise embraced our culture and developed a custom program that utilizes case studies from our organization to lead meaningful dialogue. Denise has enlightened our leaders’ understanding and appreciation for one another and every member of our broader team — encouraging them to recognize the value each player brings to the team and how each players makes the team stronger — especially during times of disagreement.

My managers utilize the tools daily that she provided them. So grateful to her for helping us breakthrough barriers and grow to new heights.
Kevin Andrus
VP Marketing & Strategic Communications
Isagenix International

If you want to work with someone who trains leadership skills that you can use for the rest of your life, consider Denise. As a sponsoring executive, Denise was brought in to develop our management staff using a series of leadership topics which she created for our organization. Her coursework was meaningful and highly relevant because she used case studies taken from our daily environment. She taught us how to lead and build high performance teams using theoretical and practical training which included role-playing and homework practice assignment. As a result of her thoughtful mentoring and spot-on class materials, participants are better equipped leaders able to communicate more effectively with their peers, direct reports,family and associates. I learned so much from Denise!
Patty Raphael
VP of Social Media and Content Management
Isagenix International

Denise was selected to work with one of our Principals, who although was a strong leader with outstanding knowledge about instruction, budget and student behavior, when presented with a new idea, would often start with “No.” Those individuals who presented the new idea felt stonewalled and disrespected. Through work with Denise, the principal developed a clearer sense of her strengths and liabilities. She developed strong listening skills and was able to adjust her style and increase her influence, so that she has significantly grown in stature with her colleagues, staff and parents. She was selected to contribute to our Leadership Team and has provided invaluable contributions. Her outstanding growth allowed her to move to a more challenging school and expand her career. Denise did an excellent job in assisting this talented principal to move to the next level of leadership.
Cynthia S. Simms, Ph.D

What I found remarkable about working with Denise was her ability to quickly grasp complex scenarios and make valuable assessments  In just a few meetings she created an environment that supported a trusted exchange that enabled us to illuminate blind spots and areas of hidden possibility.  She tailored the conversation so that we could be highly efficient in framing target goals and development plans.  Perhaps most significantly, she challenged me to create a pathway towards structuring a transformational goal that would drive us toward being not just a good organization, but a visionary one.
Kathleen Stueck
Assoc. Director Finance & Operations, Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University

Denise was quick to recognize areas that I needed to work on. Her listening skills were top notch and she offered a multitude of resources including books, TED talks and other links for learning to help me as we move from start up mode.  Denise’s approach focused not only on my career but also on my work/life balance.  I enjoyed her sense of humor and professionalism.
Gerri O’Riordan, RN
Chief Operating Officer and Sr. Director of Regulatory Compliance, Stanford University

Denise has a wonderful ability to connect with individuals and groups who are “stuck” and need guidance on how to have crucial conversations about issues to get them “unstuck.” Her work resulted in the health system receiving grants and recognition that helped us to move forward when faced with challenges. She is creative, committed and honest in her approach.
Carol Aaron
Senior VP People and Culture, Peace Health

Denise has a true vision for introducing and nurturing innovation. She also provides invaluable feedback and encourages my own development.
Jeanne Steensma
Director of Performance Improvement, St. Joseph Health System

Denise is so at ease with the most difficult or uncomfortable conversation; she has the ability to bring thoughts, ideas and people together. She is clear, authentic, collaborative and respectful of people’s ideas and viewpoints.
Victoria Ashley
Human Resources Director

Denise is cognizant of variables with which she must work; key leaders, organizational input, personal interactions and fiscal limits.
Sister Joleen Todd
VP Mission Integration

Denise has the capacity to identify stakeholders, bring the right teams together and involve them in projects that promote the larger community. She asks difficult questions, addresses barriers and challenges in a positive way.
Sue Pearce
Manager, Case Management & Social Work
St. Joseph Health System – Sonoma County

Denise is highly respected for the innovation and quality of her work. She seeks ways to make sure that training offered has high impact.
Anne St. John
Director of Organization Development
MemorialCare Health System

Denise is someone who know how to get below the surface, to entertain diverse viewpoints  and see the humanity in others. She listens to conversations, not for the noise factor but for the quality and content.  I walk away feeling heard and validated.
Nina Arbour
Manager of Community Relations and Grief Services
Hospice of Petaluma
St. Joseph Health System – SC 

Denise was instrumental in helping to move our entire management team into a culture where it is safe to share differing viewpoints.
Melinda Rivera
Manager of Advocacy
St. Joseph Health System






Contact Denise at denise@riverlogicpartners.com